React or Respond?

I was watching The One Show last night and was struck by a comment made by Professor Steve Peters. It’s Mental Health Week and the Professor was talking about improving our mental health by training ourselves to “respond not react”. He also talks about Happy Lists and setting the tone for the evening in your household, by dealing with the day’s stresses on the way home rather than moaning as you come through the door. The programme is on the i player for another 29 days and the Professor talks through all of this in just 6 minutes or so (from minute 4). Well worth listening!

Who are we?

In addition to our inherited traits, we are the sum total of all our experiences. Some leave positive beliefs, others hold us back. Noticing our reactions to new opportunities and to other people’s words will help to identify things that are holding us back and naming our negative emotions helps to start unlocking them.

Coaching and NLP support this process and help you to find the inner resources to change your “natural” negative reactions, emphasising the positive.

A colleague’s insight

I was working with a fellow coach recently and she said, “You are the expert in your life!” This is a basic tenet of coaching, yet I had (temporarily I hope) forgotten it in my own life. We went on to talk through some areas where consciously remembering such an obvious and simple point can be most useful.

Remind yourself today that you are your own expert. Then ask yourself what advice you would give yourself if asked!! You may be surprised.

Be…the best you can be

What’s the problem I can help you to resolve? Coaching is great when you are thinking, “why can’t I sort this out for myself?”. Well, you probably can but the fog of uncertainty gets in the way and having a trained, impartial coach to support and challenge you is all you need to clear a path and get on with your life.

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BE…the best you can be

Why wouldn’t you want to be your best? Life is too short to be bored, stuck or over anxious. Coaching can help you to look at life from a different point of view. If that proves extra difficult for you, NLP can add extra support towards achieving the most excellent you – still most definitely you but as Tina Turner sang, “Simply the Best”.

I’m a new coach and NLP practitioner aiming to support you in your journey towards achieving your own version of excellence – whatever that means for you. I will be adding to this blog whenever I can, so keep an eye on me and my website for more news.