About me


Who am I? Why would you choose me as your personal development coach and / or NLP practitioner?

I’m many people – daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunty, daughter in law, mother in law, friend, colleague, volunteer. I was the non academic child in a family of four, leaving school and home at 16. I went through a circuitous route of nursery nursing, nursing and small project management to become a chief executive, gaining an MBA in my forties and ended up working all the hours god sends on mergers, turnaround and change management in the third sector. With a long term condition and some tricky family dynamics, added to work in A&E and the sharp end of social care, I reckon there are few aspects of the human condition I have not experienced, witnessed or worked with.

I’m passionate about coaching and NLP – they work for me and I regularly see the two disciplines working for other people, so I’m confident in recommending either or both to you. If my style does not suit you, I can help you to find another coach you may feel comfortable working with.

Worried about disclosing all your innermost thoughts and feelings? Don’t worry; coaching is not counselling and can be almost “content free” – you only share what you want me to know. I will support and challenge you to identify what you want to have, be or do; we will clarify your long and short term goals and work on getting there. We can add some NLP if you find there are blocks to your progress. You remain responsible and accountable for your own progress towards your goals.

The process can be challenging, rewarding, surprising, powerful. Goals can be as big or small as you choose. Progress is continuous but will be as fast or as slow as you decide is achievable for you.

Give it a try!